3.8 out of 5 (based on 214 ratings)
Zombotron 3

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Zombie games are thick on the ground these days, shambling along in a great big horde through this cultural obsession like some sort of... undead monster-type creature. Some of them can get a little samey, but if it means getting more entries in the Decision series then we're more than willing to sift through the chaff. Flyanvil's latest entry, Zombotron 3, offers a visceral and deep experience.

Controls of the Game

[WASD] to move around and [MOUSE] to kill & shoot

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Kill enemys as much as you can

Watchout for Ammo

Watchout for Health

Playing alone sucks, call friends to play with you

game review

You can go on missions to push the story forward or just explore on your own time, picking off zombies and meeting the odd human who can join your ranks... assuming you get them to the safe zone alive, that is. This is where the Decision games shine. Very few zombie games can capture the tension of surviving in hostile terrain quite like Flyanvil's magnum opus. Being boxed into a corner futilely pumping bullets into an encroaching horde with a helpless survivor at your side is just harrowing, and these moments come frequently towards the middle and end sections. Any fan of zombies, shooters, survival or fun is going to find plenty to love in Zombotron 3. Play this game, it's really no decision at all.